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IRS Officials Close to Auditing Churches

May 22nd, 2013

From The Christian Post, Erik Stanley:  For some time now, the IRS has not been auditing churches. As I explained in more detail in this post, the IRS’ decision to “suspend” church audits stems from a 2009 federal court decision finding the IRS’ regulations on church audits to be unlawful. Since that decision, the IRS, […]

Lessons for Nonprofits About the Importance of Donor Substantiation of Charitable Contributions

June 12th, 2012

Is your charitable contribution tax-deductible? A recent Tax Court case, Durden v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2012-140 (May 17, 2012),, highlights the importance of making sure that your charitable contributions are properly substantiated.  In that case, the taxpayers made significant donations, in amounts exceeding $250, to their church, a 501(c)(3) organization.  The church provided the […]

Should Churches Get Tax Breaks?

June 1st, 2012

During this election year, the New York Times played host to an online “Room for Debate” entitled, “Should Churches Get Tax Breaks?”  There are 5 articles written by 6 persons (one is co-written) of differing backgrounds and viewpoints.  If you want to get up to speed on the policy arguments underlying the debate, this is […]

City Ordinances Subject Nonprofits to Overcharged Water Bills

March 16th, 2012

Some City and County governments are taking an odd approach to “taxing” all churches and schools by doubling their water bill.  How is this happening?  City ordinances, like the one in Canyonville, Oregon, provide that “churches, schools, and nonprofits” will be charged double for the normal water rates.  Through this ordinance and other similar ordinances, […]

Pastors Involvement in 2012 Election

September 27th, 2011

In general, churches and other religious organizations are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for elective public office.  The LA Times recently reported that more pastors are participating in electoral campaigns and “preaching political engagement…as never before.”  With moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage […]

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